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Looking for stove fitter in the Banbury Area?

Give us a call! On 01295 738 144.

We’re based in Horley, just north of Banbury, and we install stoves locally both in Banbury itself and in Banbury’s surrounding villages. We are HETAS approved.

We offer other services as well as wood burning and multi-fuelled stove installation, including re-pointing or re-building chimneys, gutter work, roof work and tiling.

We’re fully insured and are completely independent, meaning we’ll fit whichever brand or type of stove is suitable for you and your project.

All of our estimates and site surveys are free and without obligation. We don’t charge for advice over the telephone either, so please feel welcome to ring.

Call Stephen or Carlie on 01295 738 144, or email on

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What’s The Best Way of Cleaning The Glass On A Wood-Burning Stove?

Even the best stoves may get sooty glass once in a while – usually because they’ve been laboured (the wood burnt low and slow for a a long while), or people are burning unsuitable material (like nappies. Really, REALLY unsuitable).

You can buy stove glass cleaner, especially designed for the job, but frankly, we think that’s a bit crackers. Really, you’re paying for a plastic bottle, unknown chemicals and a snazzy sticker.

We clean our stove doors (very rarely – they’re Clearviews) with soapy water (when the stove is cold).

Occasionally, we do  refurbish stoves, and if they have severe baked-on-the-glass goo, Stephen uses a bit of ash on the cloth and then some serious elbow grease. For the worst bits of greeb, try a razor blade, but take care not to scratch the glass.

Polish with scrunched-up newspaper.

Stove Before Re-Furbishment. Serious Goo Problems!