Chimney System in Barn Conversion

Here is an example of a stainless-steel chimney system, built in a barn conversion in Warwickshire. The photograph below shows Stephen’s (obsessive) dust-sheet habit.



Stevies Sheeting Habit

The photo below shows the hole that Stephen made, for the external flue pipe to pass through, in order to be connected to the stove.

twin wall system passing through stonegetting the stove in place for twin wall


The photo above shows how Stephen ‘made good’ to the hole. It also shows the slate hearth, which had been laid before he started to build the twin-walled flue system.

Mid-section of twin wall chimney systemtop of twin wall chimney system


The photos above and to the side show the external chimney flue system. The customer chose not to have it powder-coated black.


The photos below show the finished project! The customers were very pleased, and felt the stove really finished their lovely room. Boo the cat is certainly enjoying the warmth!

Boo the cat loving the new stove



Happy customers!Stove in and lit

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