Wood Burning Stoves

We are registered with HETAS. We specialise in constructing internal and external steel chimney systems (also known as twin-walled flue systems), as well as lining existing chimneys with flexible liners. Whether it’s a small project, or large, we’d be very happy to visit and supply a free estimate.

What We Do

  • Stove installation to a clay lined chimney
  • Designing, supplying and installing twin-walled external flue systems
  • Fitting open fires, or Milner firebacks
  • Chimney 316 or 904 liner installation
  • Alterations to hearth and fireplace
  • Connect a stove to a central-heating system (with a plumber)
  • Stove maintenance (replacing firebricks, glass etc)
  • Cowl-fitting
  • Insurance estimates
  • Smoke and pressure testing

Removal of existing stoves, liners, fireplaces, hearths.

Sorry, but we can only arrange disconnection and removal of gas fires, oil-burning Agas or Rayburns. We cannot install anything relating to oil or gas without a Gas Safe plumber.

We can supply estimated costs on request, but accurate costs require a site visit.

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