What’s The Best Way of Cleaning The Glass On A Wood-Burning Stove?

Even the best stoves may get sooty glass once in a while – usually because they’ve been laboured (the wood burnt low and slow for a a long while), or people are burning unsuitable material (like nappies. Really, REALLY unsuitable).

You can buy stove glass cleaner, especially designed for the job, but frankly, we think that’s a bit crackers. Really, you’re paying for a plastic bottle, unknown chemicals and a snazzy sticker.

We clean our stove doors (very rarely – they’re Clearviews) with soapy water (when the stove is cold).

Occasionally, we do  refurbish stoves, and if they have severe baked-on-the-glass goo, Stephen uses a bit of ash on the cloth and then some serious elbow grease. For the worst bits of greeb, try a razor blade, but take care not to scratch the glass.

Polish with scrunched-up newspaper.

Stove Before Re-Furbishment. Serious Goo Problems!