What’s A Smoke Pressure Test?

A smoke pressure test is designed to test the integrity of your chimney or liner. Without the test, you don’t know whether your chimney needs work (or lining), or if your liner needs replacing.

How Does The Test Work?

The test is very simple. A bung is fitted to the top of the chimney and smoke pellets are lit in the appliance. We then follow the chimney through the property, looking for signs of smoke. The pellets reek terribly, and have very black smoke – certainly can’t be missed if they escape into the house.

Who Does The Test?

Anyone could do the test assuming they could get on the roof to block and unblock the chimney. However, only a building inspector, certified chimney sweep or HETAS-registered installer could sign the chimney off as safe and complying with building regulations.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you’re using us, that depends. We smoke pressure test any property in which we’re installing a stove without a new liner. If you call us out specifically to smoke-pressure test a chimney, and not install a stove on the same day, our prices start from £100, depending on the amount of fireplaces, height of a property (bungalows are cheaper than four-storey town houses!). Some properties we may not be able to test at all without scaffolding (depending on roof line, height and position of chimney top).


  • The chimney really should be swept before testing. If there is a blockage preventing the smoke from reaching every inch of the chimney or liner, then breaches in the cement or stone work might not be detected.
  • A Smoke Pressure Test is not a Draw Test. For further information on Draw Tests and what they’re used for, please feel free to contact us.
  • A chimney that has passed the Smoke Pressure Test may still need lining or re-lining and insulating, if you are having problems with draw, damp, sooty smells or soot leech.

Further Information can be found at the following places

British Flue and Chimney Manufacturers’ Association

HETAS pamphlet for flues and chimneys


The smoke pellets Stevie uses - not to be confused with marshmellows!
The smoke pellets Stevie uses – not to be confused with marshmellows!

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