Buying A Stove – Advice

Decide Your Need

What do you want the stove to do? Will it be used occasionally, or every day? Will it be helping your central heating, or just keeping damp out of a weekend holiday cottage?

Your stove installation has to comply with current building regs – you can’t put a too-big stove, in a too-small hole.

Remember – you might not have a chimney, but you can still have a stove!

Decide Your Budget

If you only have a few hundred pounds in your budget, then it’s probably best not to go ahead. It’s not just the stove you need to buy – you may need to make chimney alterations, hearth alterations and you may need to line your chimney.

How much will my stove and installation cost…?

Well roughly…

A mid-range stove can cost between £400-£800

Lining a chimney of a two storey house £600-£800 (don’t forget pot, cowl and fixtures)

Fitting a hearth, from  £150 (and depending on the decorative hearth finish)

Then you have labour, and your chimney must be in a good state of repair.

Great – Now What?

Well…call us! 01295 738 144. Stephen will be very pleased to offer advice or make a site visit.

We are quite happy to supply and fit, but if you decide to source your own stove, do feel welcome to ask our advice first.


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